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First Flattop – Part 5 by htflatnc

As I was rubbing my hand up the side of Jason's head, I was thinking it was uneven between stubble and being smooth. I said I would get mine lathered and shaved next time, but I wasn't so sure. I could tell Jason was having a reaction he hadn't expected as he squirmed slightly in the chair.

I turned to Mark and Dave telling them I was really glad they came and was about to ask what they thought about the flattops Jason and I had just gotten. Jason was getting out of the chair and Mark said, "I'm next.” So I guess that's what Mark thought about the flattop. It turns out both Mark and Dave had asked Jason about his flattop and that both were thinking about one as well. So two of the guys who were ribbing Jason were now getting a flattop. Jason told them about what was happening today with my flattop. The two of them decided to join the party. Flattops all around—except for my uncle, Tom. There was no way Tom could pull off a flattop any more. I'd have to see what developed.

Mark was in the chair in a flash. Of all of us, Mark had the longest hair of any of us, about six inches on top, parted in the middle, flopping down past his eyes to the sides, covering his ears and touching the collar. Prince Valiant was getting a flattop.

Mr. Roberts asked, "Well, son, what's it to be?”

Mark said, "I want a flattop just like you gave Jason. I've been thinking about this for a week and I'm more than ready.” And with that Mr. Roberts clicked on the red Oster 76 clippers, gripped the top of Mark's head and pushed it over to his left letting the clippers plow right up his sideburn. Hair was tumbling down in a fine spray of light blond hair. It was a sight to behold. I wondered whether mine had looked like that. Mark's hair was longer and finer than mine. No point in thinking about it, I just wanted to enjoy the spectacle of Mark getting his flattop cut. Very swiftly and deftly, Mr. Roberts peeled away Mark's locks leaving behind pinkish flesh. No sunlight had ever hit that noggin before.

I began talking to Mr. Roberts about whether we should be using suntan lotion to prevent sunburn or worse. He said he would definitely recommend it especially for the next couple of weeks. "You mean until all four of us are ready for our next haircut?” I asked half joking. Mr. Roberts just said, "Exactly,” obviously concentrating on the incarnation of Mark's flattop rather than my wisecracks. I had seen Mr. Roberts perform his Michelangelo routine with Jason's uncle's flattop dozens of times, but I was watching a virgin flattop take shape for the first time. I had not seen much of my own. There were mirrors everywhere in Mr. Robert's barbershop, but I think I was in a mild state of shock while I was getting mine. Part of the state of shock was because of something I had never experienced getting a haircut before. I had an erection. I was experiencing another erection watching Mark getting his flattop cut de novo. It wasn't my first time getting an erection watching a flattop being cut. That happened every time I had watched Jason's uncle get a flattop. But I didn't get an erection getting my own hair cut until today.

Mr. Roberts was taking a comb, lifting the bulk of Mark's hair and cutting straight across leaving about two inches still attached. He started at the front and went back for five strokes and got to the crown where he tied it in to the stubble in the back. Mark's hair was not very even, but at this stage it didn't really matter other than he looked funny. Same kind of look I had when I got to this stage of the flattop. That and the final product were the only visual memories I had of my haircut that had taken place only twenty or thirty minutes earlier. My memories were mainly tactile – clippers up the back and over the sides; clippers going down the center of my landing strip; comb lifting my hair; hair dryer and brush pushing my hair back; flattop wax in a small tube being spread on the front of my flattop and a small round red brush with a small handle through which Mr. Robert's put his middle finger and brushed back my flattop and spread the flattop wax; warm shaving cream spread on the back of my neck, around my ears, and on my sideburns; straight razor scraping where the shaving cream had been spread; hot towel being spread and held on the back of my neck and ears; the white brush with fine hairs Mr. Roberts used to spread the talcum powder; and the aftershave applied as a final step to indicate the haircut was at an end. Was it any wonder I had an erection? Because I'd never had this as part of my haircut before, I hadn't had an erection.

This then led to my next thought – was I the only one who had this reaction? Or did the others as well? And how could I bring it up to discuss? That was trickiest of all. 18- and 19-year old guys just didn't talk to one another saying what gave them erections, at least in my experience. We didn't talk to one another about feelings at all. We did talk to one another about what we did, were doing, or were going to do, but what we felt like when we did something just wasn't on. And admitting that another guy getting a flattop would result in major wood wasn't something I would feel comfortable talking to these guys about. None of them gave off the kind of vibe that would indicate this would arouse them. I thought Jason might be experiencing an erection when I rubbed my hand up the side of his head, but I couldn't be sure.

Mr. Roberts was running the hair dryer now, brushing back Mark's hair. I remembered how soothing this step had been. Mark had a huge smile on his face while Mr. Roberts was doing this so was obviously enjoying this. It seemed to take Mr. Roberts much longer with the hair dryer and brush with Mark than with me. Lucky Mark. Mr. Roberts went over to the counter, put down the brush and the hair dryer and opened up a jar of crew comb. He stuck a finger into the jar, pulling out some wax, rubbing it into the palm of his left hand, rubbing his two hands together and went back and began massaging the wax into Mark's hair. Mr. Roberts said, "Your hair is really fine. It's going to take more work to make it stand erect to get a good flattop.” Mark said, "Whatever it takes. Besides, I'm really enjoying this. Maybe too much.” Maybe too much? What did Mark mean?

Mr. Roberts washed his hands, and picked up the hair dryer and brush once again and went back to work brushing Mark's hair back. Mark had his eyes closed and a big smile on his face once again. I couldn't help but wonder at this point whether Mark was as hard as I had been.

After what seemed like an eternity of the din of the hair dryer, all went quiet until the distinctive hum of Oster 76s presaged the flattop that was to come. It took another five minutes for Mr. Roberts to make Mark's flattop looking like the flight deck atop Jason's head. Then it was hot towels wrapped around Mark's head becoming the sultan of flattops. Again, Mark closed his eyes and was smiling. Rather than dispensing the shaving cream from the machine, this time Mr. Roberts picks up a shaving mug, some soap and a brush. He put some hot water into the mug and began stirring the brush around making a rich lather. From where I was sitting I can smell it and it smells good. Leather and Old Spice waft my way.

Mr. Roberts ran the brush up the back side of Mark's head on the left side. He then picked up the razor and peeled it of the shaving cream beginning at the crown. He repeated the process of lathering and shaving on the right side on the back of Mark's head. It was great how Mr. Robert's was doing this in quarters, so there was no chance of the lather drying out. The left and right sides of Mark's head were done, and then Mr. Roberts did something unexpected: he lathered the top of Mark's head. He ran the razor down the center of Mark's flattop taking the landing strip as close as possible and carving out a path two inches wide. At one point though, Mark bucked and stretched out, and then went back to closing his eyes and smiling. A hot towel was applied just as the first one had been, but then a second towel was applied and that brought Mark back to life. Mark then rubbed the back of his head followed by the top of his head while leaning forward in the chair taking a closer look in the mirror. Mark then said, "I'm surprised. After you shaved it, I thought it would be completely smooth.” Mr. Roberts then told him that he had only shaved with the grain and then order to have it completely smooth, he would have to shave against the grain. He said he wouldn't recommend shaving against the grain as it might lead to in-grown hairs. Mark asked him if he would do it anyway. Mr. Roberts said Mark was the customer and proceeded to shave his head once again, but this time against the grain. Five to ten minutes later, and Mark was finished.

Mark got up from the chair and came over and sat down beside me. I could smell the leather, Old Spice, and something else – more pungent. And then it hit me, I could smell sperm. We were separated from everyone else by the cash register. Mark said softly to me, "That was unbelievable. I actually creamed myself.” I looked over and saw a couple of stains on Mark's khakis. "I see. I thought I was going to do the same watching you. When did it happen?” I asked. "While he was dragging the razor down the top of my head, he put me over the top.” I laughed and asked if he'd like to continue later. I reached over and ran my head up the back of Mark's head. It was much smoother than Jason's had been. And then Mark said, "You can run your hand up the back of my head any time you want. It was like electricity shooting down my spine and then coming out the other side.”

We both watched David get a flattop that was closer to the flattop Jason's uncle had. Compared to Mark, David was a hippy even though his flattop was still very short.

Mark ran his hand up the back of his head and then reached over and ran his hand up the back of mine. It was like electricity shooting down my spine and running out the other end at the tip of my very stiff erection. I'd never experienced this before. I didn't pay much attention to David's flattop. I was too preoccupied with what I had just experienced.

David's flattop came to an end. We all settled up with Mr. Roberts and left the shop. David and Jason were going to spend the night in town, but Mark and I needed to get back. Mark and I had a pleasant trip back discussing our reactions to our sexual arousal and the flattop. Mark ran his hand up the back of my head feeling my stubble several times, but I had to ask him to stop as it was really making the drive dangerous. We got back to his apartment and then took our exploration to another level.

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