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I was a stupid idiot by DGWendt

Okay, this happened when I was in sixth grade. My hair was in a sort of bowl cut style. My ears were mostly covered and my bangs went down to my eyebrows. I loved it, I had always wanted long hair, and this was the longest it had ever been. My parents didn't approve, as when they were my age almost all guys had buzz cuts no longer than 1 inch, but they put up with my long hair and cut a few inches off every few months, which was cool with me so long as it wasn't a buzz cut. One day however, I did something stupid that led to a big disaster. One day when schol was about to get over I was using scissors for this one project and as we were cleaning up, I cut my bangs a little thinking there would be no difference. I thought it was just a few strands, but when I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror I saw that my forhead was now half way visible one side of my head. I got nervous and hoped nobody would notice. When my Dad got to the school o pick me up, I decided to just tell him everything. I don't remember his or my Mom
s reaction. A couple days later I just cut the bangs off completely, so now a had a sort of mullet look. I ended up having t go to the barbershop and get the rest of my hair cut, and I ended up walking out of their with a semi-buzz cut.

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