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Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 6 by Andrew Smith

This story is a continuation of the series. Please read the entire series, as there are references to the earlier parts.

This story contains strong language and adult references.
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The week passed by. Andrew loved the attention his new bald head was getting. The talk about his hair subsided after a day or two in his office. Mr.Rusakov was clearly a bit shocked by the drastic change in Andrew's look. He felt a bit embarrassed at times. All he wanted was to ensure the young man looked professional. He had no idea that Andrew would shave his head bald. And maintain it even! More than embarrassment, it felt like a slap on his face. His own hair was longer than Andrew's now.

Andrew continued shaving his head every other day. He would get up early, go to the gym and shave his head there. He would carry his small kit with a razor, shaving foam and aftershave lotion. After a nice workout, he would jump into the shower and rub his stubbly head well. Coming out of the shower, he would dry himself off well with the towel. He would drop the towel down and stand in front of the mirrors. Naked. He would then carry on with his routine of shaving his head. First, came a splash of hot water on his head. He did not wipe the dripping water from his head. He would grab the can of shaving foam and lather up his head well. He would take a minute or two to massage his head with the lather. Then came the razor. Starting from the crown, he would make long strokes and slide the razor over the top of his head. Five strokes and the top of his head was shaved clean. He would then proceed with the sides. The back of his head was something he thought he would struggle with, but actually it came with ease to him. He would tuck his chin slightly down and start from the crown and move the razor down gently. He would lather up his head again and shave it against the grain. Then came another splash of cold water and the aftershave lotion.

Needless to say, his naked head shaving ritual would get the attention of the other gay men in the locker room during the busy morning hours. Sure, he could shave his head at home. But who would be there to see it and get excited? He loved 'teasing' other gay men and getting the attention that he was getting. Why not, he was sexy and the shaved head transformed him into a more manlier version. The whole experience was very exciting for him and he knew for others too. The only problem was to control his excitement. His dick would slowly get hard with the head shaving and he would have to use a lot of self-control to force it to stay down. Once, a young man about his own age was in the shower area and kept on constantly staring back and forth between Andrew's face, bald head and his dick. The man took a spot right next to Andrew, while he was shaving his head, and started to wipe himself with a towel. He continued to apply body lotion to his whole body, thereby arousing Andrew. He then grabbed the hair dryer and blow-dried his light brown hair with it. His hair had slight natural curls to it. His hair was cut in a floppy business man haircut style. The blow dryer gently tossed his hair from one side to the other. They looked at each other and smiled. Andrew missed his own beautiful hair. He loved his shaved head, but still missed the nice hair. He wished he could switch back and forth easily between long hair and shaved head within a day.

Andrew hoped for the man to start the conversation. After all, he wasn't the only man there who seemed interested in Andrew. Why would Andrew initiate the conversation himself! The man simply whispered, "Bye!" and left. Andrew could not follow him. His head still was partly covered in lather. Another opportunity missed. Not that he was expecting any action. The gym was busy around this time in the morning and he had to go to work himself, otherwise Rusakov would have one more reason to get furious. 'Rusakov's wife probably does not satisfy him well', Andrew thought. 'Viagra probably doesn't work for him either', he thought. That would explain his general grouchiness. Regardless, another good opportunity missed. They could have exchanged phone numbers.

Andrew did not spot him in the gym the next time.

He decided to take things to the next level. Another week almost passed by. It was Friday night. A beautiful summer night in New York, with a gentle wind. Andrew decided to go to a gay bar that night and search for his next victim. There was a gay bar five blocks down the street from him that he had passed by many times. Still not open about his sexuality, he had never stepped inside the gay bar. The place was popular, that much he knew, judging by the throngs of handsome men usually seen entering the bar and then standing outside after the bar closed at night.

Before going to the bar, he decided to prepare well for the night. Although he had shaved his head earlier in the day, he hopped into the shower and lathered his head and face well with shaving cream. He took out his razor and started shaving his head first. With firm long strokes, he shaved the top of his head against the grain first and proceeded shaving the rest of his head against the grain. He re-lathered his head and shaved with the grain. He checked for any spots left. None. His head was totally smooth and bald. He proceeded shaving his face clean and smooth in a similar manner. He jumped out of the shower and chose a crisp white shirt and paired it with his favorite loose dark blue jeans. The slim fit white shirt seemed a bit too tight on Andrew's well-toned body. He intentionally left the top two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned.

The bar was a busy neighborhood gay dance bar. Just a bouncer outside checking for IDs. Nothing too fancy. No waiting in lines, no patting down, no cover, no dress code. It was dark and the music was too loud. You could barely see the other person clearly in the disco lights. Everyone there seemed to know each other. This was somewhat unusual for a bar in a large city. These men were regulars.

He ordered himself a bottle of beer and stood by the side of the bar, sipping it slowly. He rubbed his shaved bald head a couple of times. He looked handsome in his white shirt and jeans. The jeans were low on his waist, so every time he raised his arms to stroke his bald head, his well-toned abs were visible.

A few men caught his attention. The overall age group of the bar was young. Everyone seemed under 32 years old. At first, a man approached him. the man had a really hot crewcut, must have been a #3 all over. He flashed a smile and stood next to Andrew. "You seem new here. Your first time?," the man asked. Andrew nodded. Here was his dilemma: Should he continue talking to this man, then ask him to cut his hair shorter and spent the night with him, or should he find someone else? The man was older than Andrew and this time, Andrew wanted to be the one in charge. Andrew wasn't rude, but did not interact much with the man. Instead, he asked him about the other men at the bar. Since that guy was a regular, he would know a lot of people around. He spotted a young man with brown hair in a faux hawk. He seemed like a good person to pick up. The man was young, had great body and seemed to take good care of his hair. It would be a shame to see the man without it all, something that Andrew wanted. But what is the point in shaving someone with short hair, he thought to himself. He might as well target someone with longer hair. Cutting off some hot man's beautiful long hair was his fantasy and he was looking forward to that. Why was he so borderline sadist? Possibly because his own beautiful locks were shaved bald by the barber at the instructions of his manager for him to get a "proper haircut".

Andrew decided to play it like a mature man on "the hunt" for a man for the night. He wasn't going to jump into the crowd and start meeting people. He was going to stay by in his corner and act like he owns the place and the men dancing. Andrew spotted a younger man, about his own age, with layered shoulder-length sun-kissed blonde hair. He flashed a slight smile and kept on staring at the young lad, making the latter slightly uncomfortable. After dancing for a minute or so, the young lad approached Andrew. "Hi, do I know you?," he asked, almost yelling to be heard in the loud music. Andrew replied in a firm and steady voice, "No." A pause. "But I am pretty sure that after tonight, you will know me really well. From deep inside." The man was taken aback by Andrew's undisguised reply. Shameless, yes, but very frank, direct and let's-cut-the-BS type of response. Very interesting. Not playing desperate and needy, but getting what he wants. The young man extended his arm saying, "Well, let's start getting to know each other better first. I am Ethan. It's nice to meet you." Touching Ethan's locks, Andrew replied, "You have beautiful hair, Ethan. It's nice to meet you too. I am Joseph". Not an entire lie, that was his middle name. He did not wish to reveal his true identity.

"You seem new here. Haven't seen you here before," asked Ethan. Rubbing his freshly shaved bald head, after a brief pause, Andrew replied, "I don't need to come here often." Another pause. He leaned in closer to Ethan and pinned him against the wall. Looking directly into his eyes, Andrew grabbed Ethan's hand and placed it on his bald head and moved it around. Ethan continued rubbing Andrew's head. Andrew quickly slid his own hand behind Ethan, firmly grabbed his butt and squeezed it hard. The surprised young lad shrieked when Andrew squeezed his butt. Andrew pulled Ethan closer to himself and whispered into his ear, "You like that, huh. Listen. The beer here sucks. How about we get out of here, grab some nice beer, go to your place and continue?" He could hear Ethan's loud heartbeat. His heart was going erratic. Like a playful puppy, Ethan nodded, "Yes! Let's do it." "Oh yeah, and one more thing, let's clean you up a bit," Andrew added tucking Ethan's locks behind his ear. A bit puzzled, Ethan asked, "Umm, wait, so like, what do you mean by cleaning me up?" Still fondling Ethan's locks, Andrew replied, "Let's cut your hair. Short. Very short. You seem to love my bald head. Let's get you a nice hot haircut." Ethan pushed Andrew back and firmly added, "No no no! Not my hair. You are NOT doing anything to my hair. Oh my gosh, I love my beautiful long hair. I cry every time I have to get it trimmed to get rid of split ends. I am not cutting my hair. Definitely not short." Andrew paused for a moment and then added, "Well, then it was nice to meet you. Thanks." He moved from bing over Ethan to standing next to him against the wall.

Ethan was confused. 'What the hell just happened. Who IS this guy! This hot man walks in the bar, stares at me, calls me over, appreciates my long hair, suggests making out and having sex. Then adds that he wants to cut the same beautiful hair that he appreciated and was fondling. When I refuse for his last wish, he is all of a sudden disinterested! What the f! Should I have just agreed to the haircut. NO!' Still with these thoughts running in his mind, Ethan walked into the dancing crowd, almost like a zombie. Andrew kept on staring at Ethan, hoping that Ethan would change his mind and maybe agree for the haircut. Was he too direct in his approach? Should he have just not mentioned about the haircut and then given him one while in the act, more of a spur in the moment thing? He was depressed that he let such an awesome opportunity slid right by. Regardless, with piercing eyes, his eyes followed Ethan. Ethan turned back to see Andrew staring directly at him. He immediately looked in the front, still wondering why "Joseph" was staring at him.

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