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Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 7 by Andrew Smith

This story is a continuation of the series. Please read the entire series, as there are references to the earlier parts.

This story contains strong language and adult references.
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Andrew saw that Ethan was quickly surrounded by a couple of men of his age. One had an ivy haircut, about a #4 on the sides and back tapered and the top cut with thinning shears. The other guy had an overgrown undercut, disconnected with almost a #4 on the sides and back, but with the top really long, almost 6 inches. He arranged his long hair into place while speaking with Ethan. Ethan's back was facing Andrew while the ivy and the undercut were both standing in front of Ethan. While talking to Ethan, they looked at Andrew and then looked back at Ethan. The two men did this almost in unison. Andrew kept on sipping his beer from the bottle, but with his eyes still fixated on Ethan. Then, the men slipped into the crowd.

'Another opportunity lost. Why did I let that happen? I should've just played it easy and not have been so hard on the guy. He clearly loved his hair. What was I thinking when I let him go...,' mused Andrew.


"Wow, he's a hottie! Why did you leave? He seemed totally into you. Did you talk about your ex and turn him off?" asked Jeremy. Jeremy was right. There was no reason Ethan should have let the hot man go. Ethan replied, "No, that guy, he's... he's just f**ked up! Like really really really f**ked up! He was way too direct, wanted to get out of here and then have sex, like now." Ivan interrupted him, "So, what's the problem? Why isn't he doing dirty things to you right now? He's still staring at you. Man, is he handsome or what!" "Is he? I mean, is he still staring at me? What a creep! He wanted to cut my hair," replied Ethan. With a puzzled look, Ivan asked, "Wait, what? You just said he wanted to cut your hair?" Ethan nodded, "Yeah, he's weird. He is really great looking. He grabbed my butt so hard and spoke with such a deep voice, my d!ck was almost upright when he was talking to me. A very manly voice. But he's messed up; no, he's f**ked up! He was suggesting I cut my beautiful hair. He said 'short'. I mean, you guys have been my best friends since after college. You guys know, there's no way in hell that I would cut my hair short. No way. And more importantly, who does that! Who walks into a bar and asks a random guy, 'Hey hottie, let's have sex and I will cut your hair short.' What a weirdo! And a creep. Is he still staring at me?" Jeremy and Ivan nodded in unison. "F**k him!" exclaimed Ethan. Mockingly, Ivan interrupted, "Oh yeah! You want to. You want to f**k him and f**k him hard. That's what you want to. I mean, you can use a haircut. Forget your hair; the man is so hot and seems great in bed, I would let him do whatever he wants to me. The dirtier, the better." Brandon giggled and high-fived Ivan. Ethan was getting agitated, "Oh yeah? You would do that? Why don't you go and talk to the man then? He said his name is Joseph." Walking away from his friends, Ivan remarked, "And that is exactly what I will do."


Andrew saw the guy with the overgrown undercut walking towards him. An undercut, one of his current favorite haircuts. He had one himself. More of a drastic version of an undercut with the hair tied back in a "man-bun". Longer hair on the top and really short hair on the sides and back, with no blending. He loved it until Mr.Rusakov made him cut it all off. And as the barber had mentioned, with the drastic disconnection, there weren't many options left besides cutting the top the same length as the sides and back. That's when he had himself ordered for a head shave.

Andrew's thoughts were interrupted by the young man with the overgrown undercut asking him, "Hey, Joseph?" Andrew simply nodded. "Hi, I am Ivan. Listen, my friend there, Ethan, he's not into the BDSM stuff. Personally, I am open to whatever! I mean, you know..." Andrew interrupted Ivan and pinned him against the wall. "Oh, wow! Okay. Wow, you are really, whoa!" was all Ivan managed to say. Andrew's strong muscular arms restricted Ivan's movement. Andrew leaned in and started kissing Ivan. He put his right hand in Ivan's jeans from behind, thereby pulling him closer, and tightly squeezed Ivan's left butt. Ivan's eyes just froze. This man was really good. And he was direct and to-the-point. And a great kisser.

Andrew stopped kissing and let his beautiful bald head rub over Ivan's shoulder frame. He moved his hand into the front of Ivan's jeans and noticed that Ivan's penis was rock hard. He grabbed Ivan's penis and asked him, "You were saying something?" A surprised Ivan managed to just nod his head. "Holy f**k! You are damn sexy. Wow, no one at this bar has ever done anything remotely like this within minutes of meeting. Yeah, I was saying," and he was interrupted again by Andrew. "Shhh! I don't want to listen to what you have to say. You listen to what you are going to be doing later tonight. You are going to take me to your place. Then we are going to continue making out. I am going to strap you to a chair and then cut your beautiful dark hair. That will make you look less of a sissy-boy. And then I am going to f**k you so hard, that you are going to have trouble walking for a week." There was a pause. To Andrew's surprise, Ivan replied, "That... that actually sounds great. Let's go. I live just three blocks south from here. We can walk."

Ivan led the way. He waved a quick good-bye to his two friends and left. Andrew, of course, was right behind him. Once outside the bar, Ivan asked him, "So, Joseph, you seem new to this place. Are you new to the city? What do you do? I mean, what's your job?" Andrew curtly replied, "Not new." A puzzled Ivan commented, "Okayyy. Umm, you are a man of few words indeed." They walked a couple of minutes in silence, with Ivan leading the way. The streets were busy with the late-night party crowd. The sidewalks were busy, even at 2 o'clock at night. "Anyways, I will introduce myself properly. Like I mentioned, I am Iv..." and he was interrupted again by Andrew, "Not interested!" Ivan was now a bit pissed, "Okay, listen, Sir. If you are going to..." And that's all Ivan could say. It was pretty difficult to speak now with Andrew's tongue in his mouth. Basically, he was forced to shut up by Andrew "Joseph" kissing him. He did not care. The young 24-year old writer, part-time barista, wasn't looking for a relationship either. He was just attracted to this hot sexy bald man wearing a tight white shirt. All he wanted was some roughened-up sex with this man. After kissing for what seemed like a good five minutes (which in reality were just two minutes), the bald hunk stopped. Ivan led the way again with Andrew following him.

A minute later and Ivan stopped in front of a small walk-up building, much similar to Andrew's. He fidgeted with the door keys. Andrew leaned in from behind and just pushed the door hard. "Okay. I guess someone forgot to lock the front door. But let me find the keys to my apartment. That's locked. I know that for sure. I live with a roommate; but he comes in later at night, he has a late night job at the airport. I left for the bar after he left for work, so there's no chance that my apartment door is open. He's really cool. I just responded to his ad for a roommate and... and I suppose you are not interested in listening." Andrew did not speak. "Very well then! I will shut up." They both entered the building and climbed up two flights of stairs.

Managing to locate the right key, Ivan opened the door, entered inside, switched on the light and turned towards Andrew to welcome him, "Okay! Here we are. Make yourself comfortable." And he was interrupted again. Andrew pounced on him like a cheetah. Ivan was on the floor with Andrew on top on him. Andrew sharp stare made Ivan uncomfortable. Andrew removed Ivan's t-shirt and tossed it onto the couch. He removed Ivan's jeans and tossed them to join his t-shirt on the couch. He pulled down the fluorescent green underwear briefs.

Andrew got up. Ivan was still lying naked on the floor. He then unbuttoned his own shirt, one button at a time. With every button, he could see the excitement in Ivan's pen!s. When he dropped his shirt on the floor, he saw Ivan's eyes lit up. He wasn't surprised. His rock-hard abs and great physique complimented his masculine shaved head well. Ivan let out a short sigh. Andrew chuckled and lifted him up from the floor. Ivan instantly hugged the shirtless Andrew and started kissing his abs and then his chest. He was rubbing Andrew's bald head. With every good head rub and kiss, Andrew was getting excited himself. Andrew gently pushed him back and whispered, "I will be back." He found his way into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He grabbed two bottles of Heineken and was about to head to the living room where Ivan was anxiously waiting for him. Before leaving, he saw two dining chairs in the kitchen. With the beer bottles in one hand, he lifted one of the chairs and got into the living room. Seeing the beer bottles, Ivan objected, "Wait, not those. Those are my roommate's. I have a six-pack of ..." Andrew shhh-shed him. Ivan obliged. He placed the chair in the middle of the living room and signaled Ivan to sit down. He went back into the kitchen to find the bottle opener. He looked in the cabinets and found the correct drawer on the first go. He grabbed the bottle opener. He also grabbed a pair of kitchen shears from there. He placed them in the pockets of his jeans, where they sat next to a powerful set of Wahl balding clippers. Yes, he had the clippers in his pockets all along. The loose jeans he was wearing helped him hide them. Not that anyone ever checked him.

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