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cold morning by liam blair

I'm Steven , and this is about my son Ryan , he always uses to say with is mum and I'd get him at the holidays , see when we were younger Ryan wasn't planned but I saw him regularly at weekends and holidays. When he was about 12 I mooved away as hardly ever saw him only In summer and every second winter for Christmas and new year. It was hard not seeing him and always a shock by how my he was growing. He had his mothers curly brown hair which was really thick like mine although I have a dirty blond hair color , but when I moved I started shaving it really short normally without a guard on it. I hadn't seen Ryan for a year as he was busy at school with his exams and so when I did see him he was 15 years old , he asked me that now that he was going to start college near me could he do his last 2 years of school at one near me. I though why but he never really fitted In so I thought if his mother agrees he can. Before he moved we spent a few weeks together as planned before hand anyway and when he asked why I shaved my head I said well its easy and I like it, he told me that he only get a a trim about every 2 months as his mum liked him with long curly hair. I did think it suited him so never asked him if he wanted it cut as I knew it would only cause an argument when he had to go back home. However when he did move in after a few weeks had past he mentioned if I would allow him to get his hair cut just a little he emphasized a lot on just an inch or so , about begged me , I simply replied your old enough to have what ever you want! His mother treated him like a five year old and I wanted him to be like a young adult make his own decisions like that. He was stunned and said thanks so that means I can get it short he asked , I said he could shave it all off if he wanted like me he laughed and said cool really yup I said I'll do it for you - he thought it was amazing although I did say its February and will be f***ing cold but it didn't bother him as I always wondered why he looked at my short hair guess he wanted it as much as I wanted to do it. I couldnt ask him the one question I wanted to know , if he was gay , I knew he got bullied a lot , never had or knew about his girlfriends and I did notice that he looked at guys a lot discreetly. Anyways I thought I better leave that one to anothertime when he was ready. I plugged in the hair clippers and he sat on a chair I asked him are you sure and he said yes,I asked him again and said well there's no going back now. I placed the clippers to his forehead and drew the bare clippers back to his crown. At first I though nothing had happened as his hair was so thick and curly but by the time I passed the clippers through again I saw a white strip of scalp. I kept going right down the middle and then right up the back and moves to the right side of his head then the left side. I then went slower to even it all out there was so much hair it was on the chair , his legs and piles on the floor too. I ran my hands over the top of his head to feel the roughness of his shorn head and to wipe away any strands of hair. I then looked at him and said you can stop now , or can share e the rest of it - I showed him his reflection and he was smiling and shocked and he said what do you think I should get - I told him it was his choice but be a killjoy to stop the fun, he agread and I took him out the kitchen and went to the bathroom filled the sink with hot water , told Ryan to put his head over the sink while I stood took some water and pored over his head then leatherd his head with shaving foam and got a new razor and began to round 2 . When I was finished he was In shock , he loved touching his head , but by this time it was about half 9 and so we get ready to leave the house for to get some errands. When we both left we were like two Skinheads walking down the street and without any hat in the February cold icy wind it was dam cold but what a feeling he liked for the first time he said dad I feel like a man and that he needed to tell me something really important. I said and rubbed his head I think I know already. He said that it was really big and that you might not love me and I said well if that's the case I am right - told him that is it that your gay? He looked shocked and before he could speak I said if it is that it doesn't matter and that as long as your happy , he looked down and said sorry , yeah I am , and all I said is that you don't need to be sorry for anything , iv known for a long time and if guys make you happy thats all that matter. He smiled and I said so will you shave your head daily he said hell yeah as long as you do too.

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