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skined with arran part 1 by lrb

Dale was a barber that took no prisoners what you asked for is what you got , he didn't care really the end result , real manly attitude and he was as bald as a cue ball and his special hair cut was a high n tight recon with skin on the sides shaved much higher beyond the crown , I'd been going there for years and loved the smell of shaving cream although when I walked in there was a younger lad there , called himself arran, waiting to cut anyone's hair , dale wasn't in sight , he was a good looking lad mid 30s so still had experiance I could tell. He explained that Dale wasn't in and that he was his friend he met from a barber convention, I had never known about him but anyways he asked me what I wanted then he shook his head as if to say wake up man!! I asked for my regular HMT recon , although I knew that the hair on top is thining so badly and that it was already shaves bald sides and back , he was right , he said just shave it all of man, i was shocked even though he was right 100% , although he was a bit abrupt, but I only saw his fresh bulky muscles, the tatooes up both arms and his fresh crew cut like it had only been done five mins ago , but god he was hot , I thought about James my own boyfriend he was sexy as f*** but for a 23 year old acted much like a child at times but I came to and relised I was here , with Arran was different mature butch and hot , and god with those clippers in his hand ready for me to say go! I knew he was Eger , and with not a second thought I said what the hell go for it , he grapped the clippers took of the guard and proceeded to shave right up both the left and right side of my head. The cool breeze felt amazing then he shaved the clippers right down the middle I went rock solid and it felt like my penis was about to explode, he said oh you seem to be enjoying that don't you , I said that I have never felt like that before and was enjoying my forst head shave. before I knew it , my hair was shaved down to the wood , he firmly said don't move and he went and closed the shop and said I do offer alternative treatments too if you enjoy haircuts, I was in my element so agreed. He came over and said well take your top , but he more or less took it of for me , came forward onto my lap and continued to stroke my freshly short jaggy stubble. He leaned over and licked me like a dog and kissed me too. Then he leaned back wetted his hands and took shaving cream to my head. He leathered me up nice including my face and shaved me all o er my head which felt amazing. Once he was done he sat on my knee and kept on kissing me and then he pulled at my hand to get up , upstairs was a curvy staircase and before I could tell you he whacked me over the head. I woke up naked and tied to a chair and the sensation was unbelievable, my balls felt like the were on fire he shaved my whole body and then I saw him . he was totally bald too his crew cut was a gonner and he was naked from head to toe. He had a right hard on with a huge cock he came close knowing I couldn't do a ting and kissed my hairless body right down to my cock he picked it up and closed his mouth around it and that's when I knew I wasn't in any real danger he just had a fantasy about me and wanted my pleasure . I had been out for some time and he had fimled me and him together and said you come here everyday for pleasure with me or I will show the world that you have cheated. I felt angry but at the same time to arouses to want the pleasure to end. he ungaged me and I shook my head to agree , there was more to come only just saw the beginning of his dominate sexy side. both of us knew I wanted more of him and more was still to come... To be continued.

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