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Duo Buzzcut and Shave Part 1 by baldvenom

It was summer,ben was home alone which was not a usual thing.As every summer he would go to his uncle for a stay. His Dad was working thus they did not wanted he to travel eventho he was 15.

Ben usual had a thick black hair and a long fringe like his bff blade.So ben decided to call him and cme over to his house to play.As ben was waiting,he decided to visit the toliet.He tought he saw a black bush flew by.he decided to checkout when he saw it was his hair as he moved by the mirror.Ben was shocked as he didnt realized his hair was like thair.In his mind,'no way dad would kill if he saw my hair so long and thick'

He decided to either buzz it or shave it before his dad return.And he rush to the salon where he ususally cut his hair styled but it was close.Then he decide to go to bin barbershop whr he usaually get crewcut since ten.Then otw he saw blade walking with his black thick bangs like a mop and decided to call him over.Blade went to him and heard that he want to get a buzCut.

The barbershop was big and two big chair.thr were two barbers cutting qht one of the barber rob who knew ben greeted him and blade and wanted them take a sit first.Suddenly,Ben asked blade to buzz his head.Blade refused as he loved his hair so much.Then suddenly ben said true friends is not u.those harsh word made blade remain silent.

Ben,your turn,rob called as he finish with his previous cilent.Rob parther decided to go home early as it was closing time.Rob did not noticed blade and agreed.After he left,he saw blade sitting with his mop.Then rob hmmmm blade cme and take a sit first here.Blade went to the sit silently.

Rob placed a towel over ben shirt and tucked it in.Then placed a yellow cape over him and took a comb and started combing his hair.The did the same thing to blade but this time he nvr combed his hair.Then he closed the front door shutter.He asked Ben want he want…Ben said

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