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Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 8 by Andrew Smith

This story is a continuation of the series. Please read the entire series, as there are references to the earlier parts.
Although this series is inspired by my real life experiences, I have taken some liberties in the ending of this part.

This story contains strong language and adult references.
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When Andrew got back to the living room, Ivan had already taken the seat on the chair. He placed the scissors and clippers on a table next to the chair.

Ivan was excited, Andrew could tell from the excitement in his voice, "Are you going to tie me down? I don't have any rope. You could possibly use a belt or ..."

"Shhh! Quiet! You talk a lot. I better tie you up. Better still, I have something that will keep you quiet." With that, Andrew unbuttoned his jeans and then slowly unzipped them. He tossed them in a corner. He instructed Ivan, "Remove my underwear. With your mouth, no hands." Ivan accepted the challenge and was rewarded with a huge c0ck in his face. "Good job! Now suck it and shut up!" ordered Andrew. Ivan obliged.

"Let's see. You have beautiful hair. Nice, long and thick on the top and short on the sides and back. Slightly overgrown." Massaging the long hair on the top, he added, "Yes, you could use a good short haircut." Ivan stopped sucking Andrew's d!ck. "Wait, when you said you are going to cut it short, can you just trim it a bit? You see I have been trying to grow out my hair. Just don't cut my bangs shorter. I will suck you dry, but please, not the hair too short." Andrew was getting pissed, "You think this is a f**king fancy salon where you are going to request your stylist to cut your hair per your wishes?" He saw a large standing mirror in the living room. He brought that over and placed it in front of the chair. He got the belts off from his and Ivan's jeans and tied Ivan to the chair. "You are going to love this transformation of yours. Check yourself out in the mirror." With that, he roughly combed Ivan's hair with his fingers. He grabbed the scissors. Ivan's hair covered his eyes and fell down to his chin. Ivan couldn't see anything as his view was blocked by a thick curtain of bangs. Andrew noticed the haircut was done by a skillful barber, possibly at one of those new retro fancy barbershops where the barbers wore old-style tunics that contrasted with their fancy barber-themed tattoos.

Andrew placed the scissors at the top to Ivan's forehead, close to the hairline and slowly cut his bangs off in a straight line. With each snip of the scissors, long locks of hair fell onto Ivan's lap. Ivan was wimping. He was enjoying the sexual tension, but wasn't exactly loving the haircut. Still, he decided to go with it. When Andrew was half-done with massacring the bangs, Ivan could see from one of his eyes. "What the f**k are you doing? This looks ridiculous! Oh my gosh, I should have never agreed!" Andrew shoved his enormous c0ck into Ivan's mouth, in an attempt to shut him up. Ivan wasn't sucking so excitedly anymore. He finished snipping off the bangs. It was true, Ivan looked ridiculous. The bangs were snipped off so high up, it looked very unnatural. "Listen, we are not done with your haircut yet. I won't leave you looking like a psychotic moron. Trust me. It will be short, but still look great on you."

Somehow that seemed to pacify Ivan. Andrew put down the scissors and picked up the balding clippers. He stood behind the chair and looked at Ivan in the mirror. He started at the back of Ivan's head at the base of his neck. "This will leave you almost bald. Almost like me. But you will look great." He squeezed Ivan's shoulder hard. With each slow swipe, Andrew's own c0ck was getting uncontrollable. He started coming. He let it all out. He shoved it into Ivan's mouth who very happily started sucking it again.

Suddenly, Andrew had a change of attitude. "I am so sorry to do this to you! You have, rather, had, beautiful hair. I shouldn't have cut it all off. I have this weird hair fetish... it's... it just drives me crazy. It's weird. It's also part jealousy, I suppose." Ivan was listening. "I once had beautiful long hair. It ran to my shoulders. I was almost traumatized when I cut my hair into an undercut. My beautiful long hair on the back and sides was all trimmed down to a #1. It was sad, but exciting at the same time. And I left the top really long. I used to tie it in a bun. Looked very sexy." He paused, trying to remember his old look. "And then how did you end up being bald?" asked an eager Ivan. "Well, let's just say that some f**king asshole was jealous of me and made me shave my head bald." He paused. The pause was awkward. Andrew tried recollecting the whole experience in the barbershop. Ivan broke the silence, "Well, I sure hope you finish this haircut." Andrew fired up the clippers and brought them up to the Ivan's crown. The short hair fell down onto the floor, revealing fresh white skin under it. He then proceeded to buzz off the sides. He went and stood in front of Ivan. Ivan grabbed hold of Andrew's c0ck and started sucking it hard. He couldn't bear to watch the destruction of his own hair in the mirror. Andrew worked on the top of Ivan's head. The long locks gave way to the powerful clippers. He removed the last long lock from the top of Ivan's hair and continued running the clippers over and over again to see if he had missed any spots.

When he was done, he bent down and gently kissed Ivan's bald head. He rubbed the bald head really well. He moved to the back of the chair. Ivan saw his new bald self for the first time in the mirror. He didn't look bad. Not as hot as Andrew, but not bad! He could get used to it. More likely, he was just going to grow his hair back out.

Andrew started rubbing Ivan's buzzed head. He then undid the belt and let Ivan loose. Ivan did not get up from the chair until Andrew lifted him up. The long beautiful hair that had fallen onto Ivan's lap fell down onto the floor. They started making out. Andrew was proud of his "creation". He was ruthless when they were making out. Ivan was loving it. He was moaning with pleasure. Andrew made him bend down and asked him to place his arms on the couch. He got his condom out and started f**king a freshly bald Ivan. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" screamed Ivan with pleasure. Andrew spanked him in return. He wasn't into dominance, but was finding it exciting. Ivan, on the other hand, was loving every moment of being the slave.

Andrew then took seat on the "barber" chair and chugged both beer bottles. Ivan started rubbing Andrew's bald head. Andrew ordered him, "Barber, don't just stand there. Shave my head bald with those clippers!" There was no use for the clippers. He had shaved his head slick with a Mach 3 razor just before hitting the bar. The clippers wouldn't do anything. But he wanted to be "pleased". Ivan grabbed the clippers and ran them over Andrew's bald dome. He ran it all over in random directions. Andrew started jerking off. Ivan found this exciting. He jumped down to floor and started sucking Andrew's d!ck. "Good boy," Andrew complimented, while stroking Ivan's bald head. "You are pretty good at this." Ivan slowly proceeded up and started licking Andrew's abs and chest. He was loving every moment of pleasing his "master".

He suddenly stopped. "S**t! It's almost 4 o'clock. My roommate gets home around this time. F**k, he cannot see us having sex here. F**k! Let's get into my room. We can leave the mess of my hair here. He won't mind, won't notice. He will be tired and go to bed directly. If he sees it, I will just tell him I cut my own hair at night. He will see me bald tomorrow, anyways. I clean it up in the morning" With that, he started to walk to his bedroom. "Down! Down on your hand and knees. How dare you..." ordered Andrew. He was loving being the "master" in this relationship. Ivan immediately dropped down to his knees and started crawling to his own bedroom. Andrew was walking behind him. He kicked Ivan in the rear and told him to crawl slower. Ivan followed his master's orders well.

They reached Ivan's room. Ivan turned on the lights and adjusted the dimmer until there was barely any light in the room. Ivan jumped on his bed and Andrew pounced on him from behind. He resumed f**king Ivan. Ivan was moaning with pleasure and pain. Andrew was enjoying it and proudly looking around. That's when he stopped suddenly and pulled himself out. Ivan was wondering what happened. He turned back and saw Andrew staring at his side table. The side table had random stuff on it. A digital clock, a lava lamp, a picture frame from his college graduation with his parents. Ivan apologized, "Oops, sorry. I should switch off that stupid lava lamp. It's childish. It's a gift from one of my high school friends. A bright pink lava lamp isn't exactly setting the mood. And while I am at it, I should also turn this photo frame to the side. I know it is awkward to have my parents 'watching' us have sex. My mom will freak out when she sees me bald." He giggled. He got up to turn the picture to the side. Andrew said nothing. The picture was from Ivan's college graduation. It showed a slightly younger Ivan smiling in his graduation robe and his parents smiling proudly. Ivan had his mom's features: dark eyebrows, delicate lips and a wide smile. His mom was wearing a beautiful turquoise dress and a silver necklace. Standing next to her was her husband, Mr.David Rusakov... Mr.Rusakov.

Ivan got back on the bed. Andrew stood frozen. "Come on! What happened? I even switched off the lava lamp... Let's resume, Master," said a obedient Ivan Rusakov. Andrew stood frozen.

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