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Flattop haircut and footed pajamas by Jim Atkins

It was Christmas in 1975 when all the kids were going on vacation from school . It was in the afternoon when school got out and I was going home. All the Christmass gift were under the tree and my Mom & Dad would not let me open them till tonight . They had told me that I had a lot of gifts but I would have to go to the barbershop and get a haircut before I could open them when my Dad took me I had no idea that I was getting a flattop I was already 13 years old and had my hair long . When I sat in the barber chair the barber started to brush my hair up ward then when the clippers were on all my hair started comming off . After 20 minutes I had a flattop haircut high and tight . When I got home at 6 o'clock my mother gave me my first gift I opened it and it was a pair of baby blue polarfleese footed pajamas . I went and put them on Whearing them and having a flattop haircut was something I was not used to . But after a while I got used to and started to like it. After that I always wanted to have a flattop haircut I wish I could go back to those days again . It was the best Christmass ever

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